See FaceArmour in Action

Sometimes words just aren't good enough.  We've prepared some quick clips for you to see how FaceArmour performs -- how it fits, how it contours to the face, and how it keeps you safe.

How to Wear FaceArmour

FaceArmour is designed for easy on/easy off. It boasts a strapless design, with several ear slits for a customizable fit. Combined with our secret "stretch factor", this makes FaceArmour a one-size-fits-all solution that fits snugly, adheres tightly to the face, but remains comfortable and without causing any strain on the ears.

"The Stretch Factor"

Two of the most common questions we receive are 1) "How well does FaceArmour fit?" And 2) "Is it comfortable?"

Our poly/lycra blend has a secret -- the stretch factor. It's what makes FaceArmour so comfortable to wear all day long, but also makes it cling tightly to the face to prevent it from slipping off or going anywhere. The snug yet comfortable fit is a defining feature of FaceArmour. As you wear it, it adapts to the shape of your face and adopts the correct level of tightness.

Is your FaceArmour feeling a little tight? Give it a little stretch, there's an extra inch hidden in our fabric. Simply tug your FaceArmour horizontally as shown below to make the fit a little more loose. But don't worry -- every time you wash it, it will snap back to its original size.

FaceArmour goes with you anywhere.

Our strapless, all-fabric design means that FaceArmour can go with you anywhere. It can be stored it a bag, a pocket, a glovebox, or any number of other tight spaces without being damaged in any way. If your FaceArmour wrinkles up, no problem -- it's machine-washable! Wash it and let it dry, and FaceArmour snaps back to its original form.

FaceArmour vs. Water

When we designed FaceArmour, we set out to find a material that was the perfect combination of safety, breathability, and comfort. Our proprietary-grade material has natural moisture repellence qualities, ensuring that the only thing that gets through FaceArmour is fresh air.

FaceArmour vs. Sneeze

How secure is FaceArmour? We simulated a sneeze using aerosol-powered spray paint held up close. The moisture-repellent qualities of FaceArmour mean absolutely nothing gets through the mask. Imagine that the paint is a sneeze, and watch as FaceArmour protects the surface behind.

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