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Lynda Keane
Great Masks

I started with three to try them out. Much better than expected very lightweight, easy to breath, great colors, did the water test, nothing passed through the mask. Also very easy to wash and dry fast. So I purchased a dozen to give to all my family. Excellent company, customer service and quick shipping. Thank you 🤩

Excellent for volleyball

I'm a coach. My daughter plays. I could not be more happy with these masks. We aren't hot, we can breath, yell, play... Even take a sip from a straw without taking the masks off. Love it!!

Great Masks especially in hot climates

Recently purchased these masks for some trips we had planned. They worked out great for our three days at a Walt Disney’s them parks with mandatory mask wear. They were cool, with multiple color choices, and easy to wash out every day.


As an older customer I really appreciate how easy it is to breathe in these masks. My first purchase was the two pack and loved them so much I bought more. Excellent product and the customer service is outstanding.

Chill masks really chill & fit best

These Chill and regular Face Armour masks fit better than many others I have tried and allow comfortable breathing and speaking, once you get used to it, which only takes a few minutes as we naturally adjust our body to the mask, very unlike all other masks i have tried that either are uncomfortable for breathing or speaking or too loose to be protective and fog up my glasses. I am also assured by the material tests they are truly protective. The Chill mask really cools me off in very hot South Florida sun even without using a freezer but just dampening the mask before wearing. Thank you for developing this mask for our protection and comfort in addition to cooling us off in the heat, even if the mask was not needed.

Great masks

I love these masks. They are comfortable to wear all day long in the classroom.

Great for volleyball

So easy to coach and play in. I recommend to all my athletes and thier families!

Very nice

I prefer this style of mask for all day everyday wear. Breathable and washable and soft! Perfect for Census work

Excellent product!

Given these times it's important to have a face covering, but disposable ones are such a waste and can be hard to come by. Face Armour products are amazing, and since they're affordable I have several for me and my family, which is particularly important as my kids get read to head back to school and will need multiple masks each day. Thank you for making such a great product here in the USA!


This mask is so lightweight and comfortable it feels like I'm not wearing anything!!! ...On my face that that is!!!
...and with so many color options, you can coordinate with everything. Great design! Great product!

A mask that lets you breathe

Finally found a mask that doesn’t make you feel like you can’t breathe & doesn’t fog my glasses. Excellent product!

Love them!

My only wish is that you would make it in white. Love them and all the colors!


love this product and the different colors! I am able to coordinate with my clothes!

If I have to wear a mask.

This mask is very comfortable and cozy. I feel very safe wearing it.

They REALLY are the best

As the business owner of a restaurant I have spent a lot of money on a lot of different masks... I can tell you these are the bast! Lightweight, comfortable for extended time wearing, does NOT fog up glasses and totally washable!!! It’s like having a fresh mask everyday without the waste or expense! And I love having a different color for each employee.


Very comfortable and easy to breathe thru.

Teri Simpson
Love These Face Masks!

My Granddaughter says she can breathe much easier in them! I have asthma and I can also!
Facearmour has such beautiful colors!
Thank you soooo much!

Great mask colors are bright and it's easy to breathe thru

Great product

Love these masks!

Not sure exactly how they can work being so thin but I did the spray bottle test on the first ones we ordered and nothing goes in from the outside even tho they are very breathable! I have since ordered 2 more packages! Very light, very breathable and very adjustable!

😍 Love it

I love these mask. It allows me to breathe. Other masks make me feel clostaphobic. Also loving the colors.

Excellent product

I have at least 20 different face masks but I’m always grabbing my facearmour masks because I can actually breath with these masks on. I even tried making my own but these are far superior. Also customer service is awesome.

lightweight, yet comfortable and effective. even in hot climates.

these masks are easy to use, remove, and wash. they are lightweight, and very comfortable. I live in a very hot climate and they don’t more heat and discomfort like many other masks I’ve tried. i’ve run water from a faucet and used a spray bottle on them to see it for myself. they are very effective against the elements. i love my purchase and need to get more.

Good mask

I was surprised this was so comfortable and would love to see other colors or prints.

Love this mask!!

I have a lung condition and live in an area that is hot, humid, and widely "anti-mask". The cotton mask I had previously would cling to my mouth and nose, leading to a suffocating, panicky feeling. To be clear, I am fully aware that I was not actually oxygen deprived, but, as someone who has struggled with panic attacks in the past, logic is not always as helpful as one might hope. Every essential outing became torturous. So I found a demo video for these by searching for the most breathable options. It was impressive, so I decided to give them a try. I couldn't be happier. They are SO soft, never clingy, extremely breathable. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone, especially if you need to wear one for an extended time.