In 30 seconds or less, tell me why I should consider FaceArmour.

Because we approached the “face covering” problem differently than most in our industry. We worked backwards, addressing comfort, breathability, simplicity in design, longevity, machine washability and effectiveness. The result is an effective civilian-grade face cover, with easy on and off and that looks more stylish because it conforms back to the lower half of your face without sacrificing comfort.

Our solution is resonating with people! From an environmental standpoint, people appreciate not throwing away multiple masks per day. From a cost standpoint, they realize the reusability factor actually makes this a more cost effective solution. It is more comparable to a piece of clothing, not a disposable throw away mask. 

Is FaceArmour made in the USA?

Absolutely, positively yes! We are located in Baltimore County. 20 Minutes south of Baltimore City, 40 minutes north of Washington, DC. We source our fabrics from a local distributor in Charm City and we do the rest here — sheeting the fabric, cutting, pressing, packing and fulfilling your FaceArmour orders.

If “nothing gets through” FaceArmour, how do you breathe?

Fair question! Have you ever wanted one “do over” in life? This would be ours…

Honest to goodness, breathability was our #1 objective on March 13, 2020 when we sprung into action. We spent three weeks testing potential solutions. What we loved most about our poly/lycra solution is that it breathes incredibly well. So we moved onto the video portion of the program and were blown away by “the coffee filter test” and “the aerosol spray test” tests. As we hastily rushed to bring FaceArmour to market in record time, we overlooked our own most important component — the airflow is excellent!

I don’t see any straps. How does it stay on?

There are no straps. This yields several advantages. It means you can ball up FaceArmour and stuff in in your pocket. It also means you can throw it in the wash.  It is virtually indestructible, unless you are going out of your way to harm it. It stays on by wrapping the ear slits over your ears on both sides. There are two positions, so one size fits all.

You say FaceArmour is “one size fits all”, what if mine is too tight?

Don’t worry… We’ve got a hack for that! There is a hidden inch in the stretch. If you grip your FaceArmour inside the ear slits on both sides and pull from the center you can make some extra room. Want some even better news, when you wash it, it will snap back to its original form, so you might have to repeat this step after every wash.

Can you expand on “easy on / easy off and wrapping over the ears?

Yes, but let’s be fair. None of us remember the first time we tried to use a zipper or a button, and similar to both, there might be an adjustment period of a day or so before it becomes automatic. We promise, once it’s automatic, you’ll forget about that learning curve.  Having said that, you’ll be hyper aware of the exact location of your ears and taking FaceArmour on and off will be no different than blowing your nose.

But really, is FaceArmour machine washable?

100% yes, FaceArmour is machine washable. Treat it like a piece of clothing… that is how we designed it to be used! In our testing process, several of us took home actual samples and threw them in with our regular wash cycles for a few weeks. After 20 washes (cold water recommended) the composition was unchanged. In fact, we made an additional discovery during the process. If you over stretch the fabric while using and then wash it, it snaps back to its original form. Of course, you also have the option to hand wash if a machine is not available.

What about drying FaceArmour once it’s been cleaned?

Personally, we wouldn’t recommend the dryer. They air dry in about 20-30 minutes. After washing, put them on a bath towel, Netflix and chill for one show and you should be good to go. Of course, we were curious during our testing phase, so we stuck them in the dry for a good long time. If you can time it right, you’ll be okay. If you over-dry them they might shrink. For best longevity, avoid the dryer!

What’s up with all the colors?

So yes…We’re up to 20 colors! Two reasons: The first is that we’re a team of creatives. It is our natural inclination to be curious, have fun and push boundaries. The second reason is that in trying to normalize the concept of face coverings, we thought variety of color was a huge component. Or as my grandmother would say, that’s why they make different flavors of ice cream. Most importantly, the effectiveness is unchanged from color to color. Having the option to choose is meant to put a smile on your face.

Can you explain what you mean by “facial contouring” technology?

Sure. But first, let me be clear, this was one of those unintended consequences. A few weeks after we went to market, we realized there was something familiar, almost comforting in seeing others wearing FaceArmour. That “familiar” was actually the ability to make out the bottom half profile of others wearing FaceArmour. Within a week of going online, we were receiving similar feedback from customers. Does it make things 100% normal? Of course not. Does it help compared to most of the solutions on the market? We think so, and hope you do,  too.

What about working out and doing cardio while wearing FaceArmour?

We’ve had really great results and reports from many satisfied customers on both fronts. With face coverings becoming standard issue at gyms, we’re hoping the combination of information outlined above along with the breathability factor makes these a preferred solution in gyms across America. As far as cardio, we’ve got a hack for that too. Unlike most other face coverings, by adjusting the positioning and tightness of FaceArmour on your face, you can also adjust air flow without compromising effectiveness. Best results are achieved finding the sweet spot. Once you find your perfect solution, rinse and repeat for future great results.

Do you offer custom branding on FaceArmour?

We have completed and are working on many projects right now. This is proving a great solution for businesses because they can incorporate their brand into the color(s) of FaceArmour and with a custom logo imprint. At this time we’ve completed orders for restaurants, schools, universities, sports leagues, retail stores, a grocery chain, dental and medical practices, accounting and law firms, landscapers and a large fuel delivery company. The best feedback we’ve gotten is that FaceArmour is a great product for helping with the normalization process of covering your face. On most of these projects, we have used colors selection and corporate branding to incorporate FaceArmour into already existing uniforms or dress codes. With minimum orders of 24 pieces, could you be next?

What is FaceArmour Chill?

No urban legend here! Chill is not the enigma of the Amex Black Card or the technological breakthrough of the microwave — I would classify it as the intrigue of the first Apple TV.

FaceArmour Chill was the runner-up fabric when we made the final selection on our product. Our ultimate Polyester/Lycra fabric selection is and remains the absolute correct life partner.

What remains “super cool” about the Chill fabric is that it is “super cool”... literally! Chill is cut from the material used for cooling towels. What’s great about Chill is that when you wet it, wring it out and put it on, it keeps you protected and cool. It’s great for sports and it’s great for working in a hot environment. It’s great for a lot of things.

But wait…There’s more! There is one drawback… It is only “FaceArmour worthy protective” when it is moist. The material itself is slightly too thin to be fully effective to our standards when dry (it is more like t-shirt material). When wet, it provides an added layer of protection. If you are aware of this and make sure to keep it wet, you’re good to go.

We are currently working on a way to make it better. That might ultimately be detailed instructions on how to use it. If you are interested in learning more, possibly helping us crack the code and even trying a prototype, give us a call.

Care to tell us anything about your “Marvelous” Hand Elixir?

You know it. Similar to face coverings, we weren’t thrilled with a solution to pair up with FaceArmour to feature in our “pandemic survival kit”. So we did our working backwards thing and the result was Cearmour’s Hand Sanitizer. We knew we wanted a liquid spray that did not dry out hands, had a high concentration of alcohol, a refreshing smell and was a spray, not a gel. We noodled until we got it right. 80% alcohol, a super fine spray and a citrus finish was our winning solution. We hope you’ll give it a shot!

What is your pandemic survival kit?

Haha. Was wondering if you might ask after reading the above question. The kit is meant to be an “all in one” solution of the stuff you need whenever you leave the house. Our pandemic survival kit contains three pieces of FaceArmour, one bottle of Marvelous Hand Elixir and six disposable gloves. They are all packaged in a clear zipper bag. Of course at a discounted price to buying it all separately.   

Mine lives in my car. I use the spray every time I return to my car from doing something. I return my clean FaceArmour in the plastic bag after I wash it. Consider the six gloves a starter set or an emergency stash. If they are a starter set, you can always add more when you run low.

Selfishly, the starter set was something I wanted for myself. My team loved the idea and predictably they wanted one too. Then someone suggested that we offer the prepackaged solution.

How do the Floor Decals tie into everything else?

They don’t. But I did mention in one of the earlier questions that we’re a bunch of “curious creatives that love building better mouse traps”. Like most things, I was bothered by “industry standard” floor decals. They are generic looking, they are printed on cheap, slippery vinyl material, they are overpriced and they cannot be custom branded. I am sensitive to all of these concerns because while FaceArmour has become my pandemic job, offset, digital and large format print have been my livelihood for the past 30 years.   

Similar to FaceArmour, I worked with a supplier to manufacture a better material for floor decals. Our vinyl has a textured “toothy” front, so you don’t have to worry about slipping on it. We finished it with a foil back for added beef, to make sure it sticks to any surface and to make sure it comes up in one piece when you are done using it.

As far as the design itself — I wanted two things. Better looking designs with some variety was number one. The ability to customize those designs was number two. All of the standard issue designs can be customized with your logo and your brand colors in order quantities as low as 12 pieces. I’ve always been told if it doesn’t cost any more to do it right, why not do it right? In this case, it actually costs less. With many restaurants and retail businesses ordering custom branded FaceArmour for their kitchen and wait staffs, this seemed like a perfect complimentary item. So far, it has been well-received.

What’s are the best things about FaceArmour?

That’s easy! Two “best things” come to mind:

  • I mentioned above that we are a manufacturer of “everything in print”. Like many of you, we are a “small business” cog in the American wheel that was blindsided by the pandemic. We are extremely fortunate to have been able to shift gears. Not for one second has that been lost on any of us. Especially at a time when so many Americans are not so fortunate.
  • FaceArmour has allowed us to make a little bit of a difference in addressing a problem that nobody was prepared for prior to the pandemic. It is incredibly meaningful work. The feedback has been humbling and the people we’ve met and continue to meet along the way speak to the perseverance and grit that is the USA . We are going to get through this black cloud.

We still have more questions, now what?

No problem. We have answers. Call us (800-825-8333) Monday – Friday 9am-5pm EST. If we do not pick up, please leave us a message with your name and number, and we will call you back promptly.