Customized Vaccine ID Cards/Bulk Orders


VACC19ATED Aluminum Vaccine Passports bulk orders are a popular solution for saving time and money.

Whether you are a hospital, assisted living facility, school, church, business, groups of friends that want to pool your information together or a large family, we’re here to help you take advantage of the cost savings.

Bulk order pricing is based on supplying a spreadsheet to us for production. You can download the spreadsheet here…

Once all of your information is completed on the spreadsheet, please send you email to We will create a custom invoice based on the number of names that you supply. Once we receive payment on the invoice, we will begin work on your project.

If you have questions prior to placing a bulk order,  please call 800-825-8333, M-F 8am - 5pm to discuss your project.

Vaccination ID Cards Bulk Rates

24 pieces $264 $11/ea.
36 pieces $378.00 $10.50/ea.
48 pieces $492.00 $10.25/ea.
60 pieces $600.00 $10.00/ea.
72 pieces $684.00 $9.75/ea.